Specialty selections

Assorted sliced Meat Tray
This assorted meat platter includes thinly sliced pit beef, freshly smoked turkey breast, and tender pit ham, a 1/4 lb. for each person, on a bed of crisp green lettuce placed on a tray that you may use again. The platter is accompained with our homemade coleslaw and our famous marinated pasta salad. The freshly baked rolls, yellow mustard, mayonnaise, and Flannery's B.B.Q. sauce along with plates, forks, and napkins are also included.  
$9.95 per person
If you wish to add a tray of sliced American, Swiss, and Provolone cheese
$10.95 per person

Southern Deep Fried Turkey
This is a 12-14 lb. raw weight turkey that is deep fried to a golden brown. The turkey is accompained with Flannery's homemade hot pepper sauce for those who like it spicy.
Unsliced whole $64.95
Sliced in an aluminum pan oven ready $69.95

Freshly Smoked Turkey
This is a 12-14 lb.  raw weight turkey is slow smoked on Flannery's smoker  with cherry and hickory wood. A nice light smoked flavor. This turkey is absolutly tender and delicious.
Unsliced whole $64.95
Sliced in an aluminum pan oven ready $69.95

Freshly Smoked Pit Ham Tray
This tray is 4 lbs. of tender and juicy pit ham thinly sliced was cooked on Flannery's smoker with cherry and hickory wood. This may be served cold or hot. Bigger trays are available upon request.
sliced and oven ready $43.95 

Traditional Thanksgiving Dinner
(Min of 10 people)
A traditional feast of:
Deep Fried  or smoked Turkey, carved
4 lbs. of sliced pit ham, carved
Real mashed potatoes
Homemade gibblet gravy
Fresh creole vegetables
Mamma's turkey stuffing
Freshly baked rolls
Pumpkin and apple pie

All items are table ready. Ready to heat and eat.